Wednesday, October 25, 2017

2017-18 LHS Mens soccer team

Congratulations, the players below have been selected to play for the LHS men's soccer team *.  Please either print the letter attached to the remind or send your player to visit Mrs. Kelly in the counseling office.

NOTE*  upon grades and eligibility validation

Abapo Matthew
Aissi Rayan
Left out my number 11!! all the love Sami
Alansari Julian
Baudoin Dominic
Blanchard Eric
Borchalli Sami
Brammel Beau
Brown Tony
Burris Philip (Grant)
Caldera Nelson
Campbell Robert
Candella Kyle
Carmouche Garrett
Chavez-Moreno Axel
Chiasson Jayce
Colon Jahzaiah
Dugas Jacob
Ellender Beau
Finck Cullan
Fontenot William
Fremin Ashton
Gallet Jacob
Gaspard Reese
Gonzalez Juan

Hector Daniel
Judice Jacques
Kelly Nolan
Kovatch Ethan
Lemaire Ryan
Lopez Michael
Malveaux Kristian
McGinn Easton
Medrano Cobe
Mere Andre
Ouedraogo Khaleel
Padilla Orlin
Pumford Chandler
Ratzlaff Matthew
Rodrigues-Leite Pedro
Saleh Khaled
Schnaars Jacob
Tariq Awais
Tate Daniel
Theriot Cole
Trahan Andre'
Trejo Juan
Ventura-Castro Jose
Young Brooks Jackson

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Congratulations, the players below have been selected to play for the LHS men's soccer team.  Please visit Mrs. Ann DuBois room 500 for your packet tomorrow afternoon.

Barras, Kyle
Baudoin, Dominic
Bean, Aaron
Blanchard, Eric
Borchalli, Sami
brammell, beau
brasseaux dillon
Brown, Tony
Carmouche, Garrett
Chiasson, Jayce
Colon, Jahzaiah
Comeaux, Jacques
Davis, Colin
Delahoussaye, William
Delgadillo-Castillo, Leonardo
Domingue, Gavin
Candella, Kyle
DuBois, Emile
Dugas, Jacob
Dupont, James "Ethan"
Ellender, Beau
Esie, Kevin
Finck, Cullan
Gallet, Jacob
Gaspard, Reese
Hamilton, Alex
Hector, Daniel
Judice, Jacques
Kelly,  Nolan
Kidder, Collin
Kovatch, Ethan
Lemaire, Ryan
McGinn, Easton
Munsell, Jack
Pumford, Chandler
ratzlaff, matt
Saleh, Khaled
Sciambra, Patrick
solice tristan
SunCheeFore, Austin
Tate, Daniel
Trahan, Andre
Varisco, Jude
Ventura, Jose
walden grayson
wallis hayden
Young Brooks, Jackson
my son

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Game @LHS vs Alexandria

jv 5:30
v 7:00

Monday, November 9, 2015

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Pictures are Sunday, November 8 at 3:00 pm at LHS Stadium. Please bring your form and payment if you wish to purchase pictures. Wear your black uniform with black socks. Seniors, also bring your warm up jacket.